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  • What is the difference between Raw Virgin and Designer Mink Hair?
    Both Raw and Mink hair are 100% Unproccessed Virgin hair. Virgin hair is the highest quality hair and is made with all the hair cuticles going in the same direction preventing tangling. Virgin hair has not gone through any chemical or mechinical processing. Mink Virgin Hair is a pure human luxury grade hair that comes from one single donor and has a thick and healthy shaft with all the cuticles intact. Mink hair has a life span of up to 2 years and can be dyed up to a 613 high yellow blonde color with caution. Mink hair has a more silky luxury apperance. Raw hair is a pure human royalty grade and the highest quality hair that Glow Up Essenčials offers. It also comes from one single donor. The hair is thick from root to ends and has a stronger strucure than mink hair. Raw hair can be dyed up to a platinum blonde/almost white color with minimal damage to the hair. Raw hair doesnt require much maintenance and has a life span of up to 3 years with proper care. Raw hair appears to look the most natural. ***Virgin Hair is the most luxurious hair on the market. No two bundles are exactly the same! Each bundle can vary slightly in texture and wave pattern since the hair comes from a diffent single donor per bundle***
  • What is the difference betwen Cambodian Hair and Indian Hair?
    Please be advised that we only offer Cambodian hair in Designer Mink and 613. Indian hair is the most versatile on the market. Indian is soft with a high luster and very fine density. Because Indian hair is so soft and fine, it requires high maintenance. It is susceptible to fizzing in really humid hair. It is recommended that you use a light weight frizz serum in humid weather. Indian hair is easily styled and can be curled or straightened without any issue. It blends well with most hair textures and is great for adding volume to thinning or sparse hair. Indian is also great for super long lengths 30" and above. When making a wig it is suggested that you use at least 4 bundles for desired volume and thickness. 3 Bundles will give you a very natural appearance because of its fine density. Cambodian hair is super thick in density and very lightweight at the same time. Its high durability allows you to wear the hair carefree, it is very low maintenance. Cambodian is more coarse in texture, which makes its best for blending with relaxed coarse hair. Cambodian has a lot of body and bounce and holds up very well to styling. Cambodian hair is great for natural lengths up to 30". Cambodian hair is your best option if you are looking for hair thats easy to maintain and looks/feels great at the same time.
  • Does the hair shed?
    All our hair is machine wefted in order for it to be sewn or bonded. Any hair that has been wefted will experience minimal shedding, which is normal. Minimal shedding meaning the hair will never shed noticiably. The hair will never drastically decrease in density or volume with the proper care. Proper maintenance when it comes to your bundles is extremley important and can help prevent excess shedding. After the hair is bleached, expect a little more shedding because now the hair has been chemically proccessed.
  • Can the hair be colored?
    Yes! All of our hair can be colored to any color you desire including whites and silvers! It is recommended that you get the hair colored by a professional.
  • If I order one bundle, how much hair do I get?"
    Our bundles weigh 100 grams (3.5 oz), this is standard weight for one bundle of hair.
  • How much hair do I need?
    If you are doing a short hair style 12"-16" - The suggested amount of bundles is at least 2 for a more sleek natural look; at max 3, for a much thicker and fuller look. 18"-22" - The suggested amount is at least 3 bundles; at max 4 bundles for thicker appearance. 24"-30" - The suggested amount is at least 4 bundles or more. 30"& Up - The suggested amount is at least 5 bundles or more. *If you are getting a layered style and your longest bundle is 24" or more it is suggested that you double the longest bundle. Ex: 20", 22", 24", 24"* *If you want the fullest look, it is suggested that you get ALL bundles the same length. Ex: 4 bundles of 24"*
  • What is HD Lace?
    HD Lace is also known a High Definition Lace. It is a see through lace and it gives a very realistic appearance. HD Lace is a royal lace material and is much thinner then your average swiss lace. It is much more fragile and transparent, which allows it to be perfectly melted into our skin making the hairline almost invisible.
  • How do I take care of my bundles?
    You MUST treat your bundles like it is the same hair that is growing out of your scalp. We suggest that you use good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair manageable and soft. Avoid using heavy oils and styling products, and refrain from using too much product!
  • Does 613 hair require more maintenance then natural colored bundles?
    Absolutely! 613 hair is chemically processed by bleach. Anytime the hair is bleach to a high level such as 613 Platinum Blonde hair, the hair becomes much more fragile and easier to shed/break because the bonds have been disrupted by the chemical. To maintain 613 hair you will need to make sure you wrap or store your hair every night to increase its life span. 613 requires daily hydration with a light weight oil and washed weekly with hydrating shampoo and conditioner to maintain its luster.
  • How can I contact you about my orders?
    Please email or leave a message using the "chat now" bubble on the website! Business Hours are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm EST.
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